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Benefits Of Dental Fillings

at Origin Dental

Patient with tooth pain
Restore your tooth and eliminate sensitivity and pain from a cavity
Prevent further complications, such as a tooth infection, with early intervention
Composite fillings look and feel just like your natural tooth, providing you with a beautifully-restored smile
We offer sedation at our office to keep you feeling safe and comfortable during your filling appointment

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are the preferred method of filling teeth at Origin Dental. Unlike metal amalgam fillings, they do not have a silver color, and they look and feel just like part of your natural tooth. They are made from a unique blend of dental resin and crushed glass.

With a composite filling, your tooth will look completely natural after treatment. This type of filling has other benefits, too. In most cases, composite fillings require the removal of less enamel while preparing your tooth, which helps keep your tooth strong. Composite fillings also bond very tightly to your enamel, so they are very durable and long-lasting.

What Are The Signs That I Need A Dental Filling?

You’ll need a dental filling if you have a cavity. The most common tell-tale sign of a cavity is tooth sensitivity. If your tooth feels very sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks, or you feel pain and sensitivity when chewing, you may have a cavity. Your tooth may also feel more sensitive when you eat or drink something that’s very sugary.

In some cases, you may even experience a toothache. This usually indicates an advanced cavity that could be at risk of becoming a tooth infection. You should get help right away to avoid this complication, which may require treatment with root canal therapy.

It may also be possible for you to recognize the visual signs of a cavity, though you should still see Dr. Victor Tran to confirm that you have a decayed tooth. If you can look at your tooth in a mirror and see deep pits or holes, or a black or brown stain on a tooth, you may have a cavity. 

What Can I expect From The Filling Process?

If you need a filling, the process will begin with a thorough teeth cleaning from Dr. Victor Tran. Then, Dr. Tran will numb the treatment area to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable throughout the procedure. You can also be sedated during your filling appointment, if you wish.

Next, he will begin preparing the tooth by using a dental drill to trim away all of the decayed material from your tooth. Then, the cavity will be cleaned and sanitized to remove any remaining bacteria.

After the tooth has been prepared, Dr. Tran will apply tooth-colored composite material directly into the cavity, and sculpt and shape it to fill up the cavity. Once the overall shape is right, the composite filling is hardened with UV light and then trimmed with a dental drill to refine the shape further.

Finally, your bite will be checked by Dr. Tran, and any necessary adjustments will be made. Then, your newly-restored tooth will be cleaned, buffed, and polished, and you’ll be sent home.

Enjoy a pain-free visit with sedation dentistry.

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