The Dental Implant Timeline – What’s Involved In The Implant Process?

The entire process of getting a single-tooth dental implant usually takes between 6-8 months, but this process can take even longer. Have you ever wondered what takes place during this process? In this guide from Origin Dental, we’ll take you through the treatment timeline and the major steps involved in getting a single-tooth dental implant in San Diego. 

1. Initial Consultation

To begin the process, you’ll need to see Dr. Victor Tran for an implant consultation at Origin Dental. He will determine if you’re a good candidate and whether or not you need any pre-treatment surgeries, and will also discuss the cost of treatment and the implant process in-depth to answer any questions that you might have.

2. Dental Implant Surgery

If you’re approved for an implant and choose to continue, you’ll schedule your next appointment a few weeks after your first consultation. At this appointment, Dr. Tran will clean the treatment area and numb your mouth. Then, he will make a small incision in the gum and jaw tissue, and place your implant in the proper area. Then, Dr. Tran will clean the area and suture it shut. You’ll be sent home to rest, relax, and recover.

3. Healing & Osseointegration

It will take about 1-2 weeks to heal after your initial surgical procedure. However, it takes up to 6 months or longer for your implant to bond (osseointegrate) with the bone tissue, so you will need to be patient and wait for your implant to heal completely. 

4. Dental Restoration Preparation

You will come in for a few follow-ups as you heal. Dr. Tran will check your healing progress, and also begin taking images and impressions of your mouth to build your permanent dental crown. This information will be sent to a dental lab, where the crown will be built out of durable, tooth-like porcelain. 

5. Abutment Placement

A few weeks before your last appointment, you may need to come in for an abutment placement. Your mouth will be numbed and the implant will be exposed, and then a small piece of metal will be attached to the implant. This is the abutment, and it’s used to connect the implant to the implant restoration, such as a dental crown, and ensure a tight, reliable hold.

Note that this may not always be necessary, as the abutment is sometimes placed at the same time as the initial implant surgery.

6. Final Dental Implant Restoration Placement 

Finally, once your dental crown has been sent to our office and your mouth has healed completely, you will come in for your last appointment. Dr. Tran will check the crown to make sure it fits properly. Once everything looks perfect, he will bond the crown in place using powerful dental cement, completing the procedure and restoring your tooth permanently. You’ll be able to go home and enjoy your new smile right away. 

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