Does My Toothache Count as a Dental Emergency?

In most cases, a toothache does count as a serious dental emergency. It can indicate an advanced cavity, damage to your tooth due to oral trauma, or even an infected tooth. If you’re not sure if you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we recommend that you give us a call as soon as possible. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to reach out!

1. You Have Recently Experienced Dental Trauma

If you’ve recently experienced some kind of blow to your face or mouth from a slip and fall, a car accident, or a hard hit in a contact sport, your toothache definitely counts as a dental emergency. If you haven't seen a dentist already, it is important that you do so right away.

If your tooth does not look broken or damaged, your toothache may be caused by bruising to the periodontal ligaments, which attach your teeth to your gums. In most cases, this will heal on its own.

But even if there is no obvious damage to your tooth, it could still be broken. Hairline fractures in teeth are hard to see on your own, and can result in a serious tooth infection, which will cause you further complications and discomfort. If you have any kind of toothache after dental trauma, come and see Dr. Victor Tran at Origin Dental right away. 

2. Your Toothache Has Lasted More Than 1-2 Days and Is Not Getting Better

If your tooth is hurting and causing you a lot of discomfort, and it continues to hurt or gets worse after 1-2 days, it’s probably infected. Tooth infections cause a lot of pain because the infection slowly kills the nerves that support your tooth. 

In serious cases of infection, the pain may radiate from your tooth throughout the rest of your mouth. See Dr. Tran right away if you’re experiencing severe, radiating tooth pain for more than 1-2 days. You may need a root canal to restore and save your tooth. 

3. You Can See Discoloration & Inflammation Near the Tooth That Hurts

The infection of a tooth usually causes the nearby tissue, such as the gums, to become inflamed and swollen. They may also look reddish and discolored. 

In serious cases, the infected tooth may look grayish or discolored. At this point, it might not be possible to save the tooth, but you should still see Dr. Tran to get appropriate care and avoid further complications. 

4. You Have a Fever, Facial Swelling or Are Having Trouble Opening Your Mouth Wide 

If you have a severely infected tooth, the infection may spread from the tooth itself to the rest of your mouth, head, and body. If you develop a high fever and have a toothache, you need to get treatment right away. 

In addition, if you notice that you are having facial swelling or are having trouble opening your mouth wide due to pain and stiffness from the tooth, you need to get help immediately. 

Get the Treatment You Need for a Toothache in San Diego! 

If you have a toothache, you should contact the team at Origin Dental to schedule emergency treatment. We are happy to provide emergency care for patients in UTC, La Jolla, Sorrento Valley or anywhere else in San Diego. A toothache always indicates that something is wrong with your mouth, and immediate care is the best way to prevent further complications and get relief from pain and discomfort. Call now at (858) 264-2555, or stop by our office at 9200 Scranton Road, Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92121.

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